Stop Loss / Target order placement for CNC

Challenge scenarios:

I want to buy a stock / currency at INR 10.
The current market price (CMP) is INR 20.

I want to place an Order if the CMP falls to INR 10. I want to add a Stop Loss of INR 2 (So sell the stock if it falls further after buying it at INR 10). I want to set a target price of INR 15.

I cannot seem to do the above for CNC / NRML orders - I get this message “trigger price can’t be lesser than price”

I think i can do it for MIS orders in BO with target price and stop loss but trailing stop loss is compulsory to use which is not ideal. For CO orders I can do it as well. For both it is possible to execute the orders at Market or Limit. Is that correct.

The reason I am trying to do the above scenario is I work and want to sometimes BUY to hold overnight or longer and I am not in front of the computer or for the time I trade real time the volatility is too high to manually BUY / SELL orders where CMP may have dropped an additional 20% within 5 mins.

Can someone help me understand the best way to use trailing stop loss on a BUY where stop loss is INR 2 and since I must be a whole number which is minimum of INR 1. By putting these the trailing stop loss causes more harm as it stops me out on many trades.

Is there a better way of doing any of the above? In case any of my assumptions are wrong please help me understand the same. Thank you!

Use GTT order. to buy at 10, use trigger at 10 or 11, buy price at 10.

use the same for target and sl. This is currently available for stocks only.

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Thanks. What is the best way to do it for options / currency (NRML or CDS). Is there a way? Or do I have to buy at market / limit. In that case how do i put in a stop loss order once the order gets filled. I don’t want to keep it manual where the risk goes up significantly. Please suggest.

No idea about options/currency. Maybe some mod will reply your query.