stop loss trailing

Would like to suggest that Zeroda portal can add a trailing stop loss button in their order placement frame. This suggestion is because many of the users are freshers and may not be knowing the utility of this subject.

Again once you place a stop loss and suppose the the stock hits, one loses the advantage availed. Suppose Stock A has been purchased at Rs. 10/- and the stop loss is kept at Rs. 8/- Now the situation terns the Stock goes up to say 12/- by some time, the investor earns Rs. 2 profit. Now when the stock moves up the stop loss should also move up to say Rs. 10/- So by this process the investor can keep his profits safe when the stock moves up. There is no loss. The Trailing stop loss creation every time for each stock is difficult. Your comment pl. Thanks

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Trailing comes under algo, will not be possible to provide on retail platforms.

I think I read something like Bracket Order feature that Zerodha had. But it seems to discontinued now :sweat_smile:

That order is an algo, we got it approved from NSE, now stopped though.

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Yes sir. Just read that on Zerodha’s site.

sorry unable to understand “algo” pl explain.

Why other brokers provides BO while zerodha stopped completely?

You stopped running pi, cited compliance issues. Yet, other brokers manage to run a desktop platform, mobile app and a web app.

Now, Z stopped BO months back. Now, you are hinting approval from sebi. Yet, others are running. BO is super helpful interms of putting two counter orders simultaneously.

I feel that Z is stripping so many good things. It’s not my directive to say how you should run things? But since, brokers in the same industry are providing this, my simple question is , do you have to incur extra cost in keeping a desktop platform and bracket order facility?

Or has Z become big enough that you can’t fail, so you don’t care much @nithin

Pi is stopped because it is a third party platform and we don’t have full control over it.

Now for fno there is no use of BO, one can use GTT instead, solves exactly the same.

Ideally one should monitor price action closely and try to maximize the profits ( let the winners run). Trailing stoploss might help in some cases, But sometimes the SL gets triggered due to higher volatility, sometimes due to manipulation , So Ideally SL has to be below some known levels ( strong support, Pivot lines, Moving averages etc based on one’s setups ).

The problem with Trailing SL is -
a) it may limit your profit ( if stock moves in your direction after hitting the TSL- a short term correction),
b) it may cut you short in the loss ( in the immediate couple of days, you have taken the position).

Better to keep GTT SL and monitor the price actoin, and adjust the SL based on how the price moves in your direction.