Stop loss triggered, but CMP was not never goes at that level

Today I buy Tech Mahindra @586 at 9:27 with a stop loss @575, but at 9:31 my stoploss get triggered, don’t know how
CMP not even touched 580 between 9:27am and 9:31am
As a result of this I am in huge loss.

Zerodha support also not replying to my ticket.
What should I do?

Wow this is really strange if true. I do see very large volume on that exact time but the candle didn’t even cross 580.

TechM’s day’s low according to Google Finance and Yahoo Finance seems to be 566.55, but on the charts the lowest price is around 579 (at opening). The candle at 9:31 shows a sharp fall from 586.5 to 581.5, and I think the day’s low (566.55) was registered at this time but not shown on the charts as it is not possible to record all ticks. And this was when your stoploss got triggered. It is rather unfortunate but that is how things work in the stock market.

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Please see this I placed a stop loss order which got executed, but I don't see my stop loss price on any charts be it on NEST, NSE, Amibroker or any other chart?

Exactly, do u have any idea about this and
who is responsible for this

not all the ticks are used to generate the OHLC charts …
days low according to nse site is 566.65 , but its not shown even in NSE chart …
infact in NSE chart , it doesnt show anything below 580 , but there is a spike at arnd 9.30pm


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Its algo bro :smile: stoploss eater algo…


whatever , but blaming zerodha is ilogical :smile:

Bro I must say this BO CO concept is meant to make naked small retailer like us… And if this is not enough algos and these so called stock analyst who are paid by operators all always there :smile: :smile:
I remember last month one analyst on CNBC gave call to buy tamo at cmp which is 403 with target of 413 and SL 398 and after 15 min tamo went 397 for 2 3 min and than headed toward 410… :smile: :smile:

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The problem with BO /CO is that it is a high risk trade in guise of money management. Look, it has stop loss!!!
It causes novice traders to eat bigger than mouth and lose.
It was clearly a Volcano pattern at 9:30. The one who knows would have recovered all the losses and made decent profits. But most of the time these newbie wannabies would be in Shock and PTST.

No candle touches 566.55 or near to that but how can it be Low as 566.55 :roll_eyes:

not all the ticks are used to generate the charts … in bse low is 569.35 …
surely there is a very sharp drop

is there any technique to avoid this type trade??? i think we should avoid trading in high volatile stock where leverages are low …Am i right???

You can verify your trade here at NSE.

I also had same problem long time back but never got a convincing revert from Zerodha

This is one of the most common queries, answered below

Stock Market!

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Dear Kethan,
Some errors cud have been avoided from your side

  1. Never trade in side first 30 mins, during that time bid & ask gap wl be huge due to which stop loss get hit.
    2.Tech M is not that liquid counter, fixing sl is not that easy.
    3.If you want to trade , then take Sl + Bid ask gap which is not possible in first 15 mins to assume due to high volatility.
    Hope you will be careful in future trade.


  1. How to know which stock is liquid counter??
    3.How to calculate bid ask gap???
    Please help me…