Stoploss didn't worked today

:cry::cry::cry::cry::rage::rage::rage::rage: today i placed stoploss at 1590 in pvr fut. it just passed goes to 1592 in short trade. then, i have to book manually at 1592 rather than it should have been automatically execute at 1590… see the screenshot, i placed sell order at 1599 then stock moves in my favor goes to 1583 and then i trail my stoploss buy order at 1590.5 with the trigger price of 1590 and it didn’t get executed, at last i had to cancelled the stoploss that in retracement of stock. it does not hit again… you are telling yourself no.1 broker ??? just imagine if i wasn’t monitoring my trade. it would have gone too far and in unimaginable loss. zerodha mobile no. is also (out of reach). using zerodha since 2 years. now they are creating problems :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pens



its not brokers fault.

Try to understand how orders work.

Homework for you.

how it works explain me… it is trailed stoploss i had written, not the stoploss placed wrong

Always rushing to blame other without understanding how things work?

Here’s how orders work:
Why is my limit order not executed, even when the last traded price has reached my limit order price?

Once an order is placed, it sits at the exchange. The broker has no control over it.

In spikes, you don’t get the price you want.

Welcome to the world of slippages. Wish, everything was dot perfect, then eh, trading won’t exist.

Cuz perfect exist only in matrix.

There should be mandatory training for people on order flow works.

It’s really good you trailed you SL or else you would have been screwed but try to understand one thing it’s big event day and on days like these you will see a lot whiplashes on either sides… Unwanted spikes… Probably SL hunting (speculative and subjective)i see that you’ve used MIS … did you set the SL or SL-M cover order… Always good to set SL-M cover order… Just a thought

Today co and bo was blocked :neutral_face::neutral_face: due to union budget. It was just normal SL order

It was unblocked at 12:48 PM…