Strategies to choose stocks to trade

people please share your strategies to choose which stocks to trade during the following 2 things

1. the first hour of trading 

2. during the middle of the day 

now some people may think this is absurd as you can always see which ones are going up and which ones are going down for a few days and then choose accordingly , well this is one way ....

just asking how people screen stocks during the whole day successfully .... 

one example video i can give  ...

similarly some  people may be using different ways as well ... i hope you will share a few good ideas and not comment like " dude y would anyone share their secrets of making money etc etc..." (LOL) :)

Good strategy to go with the trend,usually bse2nse manikandan posts such good vids,he is just a few kilometers away from my home.

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Yes this is true that, why would anyone share their trading tactics, it's secret of the trading. But how he get the tactic. With the help of reading.

Suppose when you read all tactics of the trading and follow it properly then in all of them you will get one solid trading tactics and that will be the secret for other one who don't follow the rules or tactics properly.

You can go through this link:

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other strategies are high volume stocks move with the same diretion for the day & generally a stock registers its intraday low or high before 11 u can catch the top/bottoms.