Strategy Automation

Hi Team Zerodha,

I takes me immense pleasure to have been a client of Zerodha from years now and I appreciate your splendid customer service.However, I foresee your help in automating my strategy using some bits of coding where I require your help.Please find the detailed brief with respect to the same below.In case you any queries or doubts regarding the same you can reach out to me on the below mentioned contact details.

Details :
No. of Scrips on which the strategy has to be implemented : 199 scrips
Type of Scrips (All scrips trading in FNO segment) : Equity

I arrive at my own buy and sells for individual scripts for each trading day, and on trigger of these buy/sell levels I want Zerodha platform to run an algo code; to buy and sell the script with a predefined target range and stop loss.(Semi automation will also do).
Note - Buy/Sell levels will be formulated in an excel sheet , so that it can be used as a back end access for data.

For Long:
Target : 3 Points from the buy price
Stop loss : 5 Points from the buy price

For Short:
Target : 3 Points from the sell price
Stop loss : 5 Points from the sell price

Trade order type :
All trades/price triggers will be set up for MIS with each share being traded for a capital of Rs.5000.
So, having been said that the algorithm should calculate the leverage for each scrip based on scrip price and buy or sell the maximum scrips as per the leverage for a capital of Rs.5000 being allotted to each scrip.

Note : I see that Zerodha does not have any price trigger alert option for scrips when a particular price is hit so that a pop up can help identify the trade for user.
Spoke to one of your customer care executive as well, post which got to understand that this option is not available in Zerodha.This is when I got an idea of automating my strategy, where it will help me as a client to trade in larger quantities and amount as well Zerodha by getting in more business.

I appreciate your attention on the above mentioned request.

Thanks & Regards,
Manzoor Husain