Strategy for exiting from trade at lowest close uisng Streak


I want to enter the trade at first red candle and exit at lowest red candle.

Is this possible in Streak. Please help.

@Streak can you.

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For entry just use Open higher than Close. but for exit, how are you defining the lowest red candle? This can form in the last candle of the day.

For example:

1Red, 2Red, 3Blue

I want to exit at the close of 2Red, but I am getting the open price of 3Blue instead of close of 2Red.

Please help @Krishnendu

If two red candle has already formed, i.e the C=Close of last red candle is already confirmed, Now the price can gap up/down or stay at the same level and that will be the Open of new candle. Your orders are executed at the current price and not at Historical price, so logically, you can only get execution at or near the Open of the next candle.

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