Strategy for indian equity market

he experts…

can u tell me which strategy used in Indian equity market most ?

Maybe buy and hold but if one buys bad companies then it may also not work, also there is nothing as best strategy or strategy that works for all. One has to do some work to first understand markets, can start from here, start investing small, try to form a trading plan and keep improving it. One’s personality plays a big role in formulation of trading plan as it is more about handling greed and fear with keeping risk tolerance levels in place. Also can check this post by Nithin on what it takes to win at trading. So, I believe it is all about trail and error and starting with very small bets and keep improving the trading plan.

If one has not enough time or not keen to learn more they can maybe consult some registered advisor or can choose some mutual funds with little research.


no strategy always works and no strategy works for every person… if there was any strategy like that no one would be losing money… you have to learn and evolve along with it… strategy just one part of trade… risk management and our own psychology are most important things…


thnqq so much you explain it well :slightly_smiling_face:

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For long term investors - 200EMA is major barometer.

If the stock goes below 200 EMA on daily chart, it is a candidate to sell irrespective of what your emotions might be for the stock.

For entry, you can follow value investing, growth investing etc. However, in both the cases, I would purchase only if the stock is trading above 200 EMA.

Other strategies that are followed are Golden crossover, weekly RSI crossing above certain level, etc.