Strategy using Multi Time Frame

I have an ultimate streak subscription plan which enables use of multi-timeframe function. This works well when creating a new scanner. However this option is not available when creating a strategy. Would appreciate some clarification.


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Hi @smj

Multi-time frame completed math function is available in Create Plus, so just go to create strategy, and “Switch to Advance”, which is options on the top left of the page.
Then you can create strategies with multi-time frame.
The difference b/w multi-time frame and multi-timeframe completed is small, but is explained here

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I want what does the following mean in multitiframe.

BUY 10 shares of SBIN when Close(0) higher than 0.0 and Candle Time(dayofweek) equal to 1 and Multitime frame(week, Symbol(INDICES_NIFTY 50, Close(0) higher than Low(-1) ) ) and Symbol(INDICES_INDIA VIX, Close(0) higher than 20 ) at hour candle interval using Candlestick chart chart. Enter trade between 00:00 to 23:59

a) Close(0) in Multitimeframe week when day of week =1, is it closing value of candle at time of execution at monday
b) Low (-1), is it low of last week
c) why entry time is always 9.15 in 1 hour candle in my 2.5 yr backtested data

hello @susanta_kumar

I have analyzed the strategy conditions shared by you and found that you are using the Multi time frame function to create the conditions. Kindly note the Multi-time frame (MTF) function by design checks your conditions on partial candles as the larger time frame candles take more time to be completed. While using the MTF function in backtesting, it can have a look-ahead bias, as the data is readily available in backtesting. Thus when you use MTF in the strategy conditions in the backtest, your entry is triggered at the opening of the higher time frame candle on which your conditions are met.

a) yes, your assumption is correct, the condition is being checked on Monday on a 1hr candle closing basis.

b) yes, note that low(-1) here refers to the low of the previous week in the chart.

c) this is because you have used the condition “Close(0) higher than 0.0” and as this condition will always be true on the 1st candle i.e, 9:15 AM candle.