Streak Algo sell on specific price or profit

Is it possible to sell stock in zerodha streak using price like ,I want to buy on ema crosses sma and sell after 2 rs , I dont want to use profit and loss percent exit strategy !! also can be store the price at which streak buys the stock and use it in algo ?


You can achive what you are looking for, but can you explain why you don’t want to use TP/SL%.
As if you want to exit after Rs2, say for a stocks of Rs200, then just put TP% as 1%, (but simply cacluating it as 2/200*100)
This will trigger immediately based on LTP, rater than at close of the candle, like it would if you used any entry or exit condition
Absolute TP/SL rather than percentage is in our task list, we will update you once released.

Suppose we have different stocks in our strategy then the TP/SP % will we different for all stocks , so i was seeking this feature !!! Yeah we can create different strategy for each stock too , but we can need to calculate them all individually


This is correct, currently you will have to do it like that, a current work around is to create baskets of similar priced-range scrips and then create strategy for them together with a common TP/SL%.
We understand that it is a bit tedious process, that’s why already our team has this feature in its task list, and we will update once its released.

You may check They have absolute TP and SL. If that’s what you looking for.

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Other than, any other websites providing Screeners & scans? @Gurly7 @trader_dude @rachuri1976 @ShubhS9 @leodecaps @vikram_rao @vishnux @vicky_kothari @Qrious_Kamal

You can check out the Streak scanner.

Sorry to say, I am looking for condition based scanner like (for ex: Open high, Volume greater than, Market Capital greater, Supertrend greater than etc.) @Krishnendu @ShubhS9 @trader_dude

You can do exactly that using Streak. Note that Streak does not support fundamental parameters like Market Capital.

You can watch the webinar to understand how Streak scanner works

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Hi @Smak_DxbUae .
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I’d get back with what i find.

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