Streak cannot help in entering before 9:16 because the first-shortest candle closes at there a non-manual way to get entry before 9:16?


I want to enter trades in the 9:15-9:16 window when the action is maximum, manually its not possible to execute reliably and Streak to cannot help in making an entry before first 1 min candle closes at 9:16.

Do any one of you trade in this window?

Please help with your hacks/learnings/tools!

Thanks In Advance

Hi @prnjlydv

Currently, it is not possible to enter before 9:16. Streak generates entry/exit triggers only after the closing of the candle and not on an LTP basis. This is because Streak uses OHLC data to calculate the indicator values and this data is only available after the closing of the candle.

However, if you already have a contract/stock in mind that you want to purchase then you can add that scrip in a basket in the technicals sections and then manually click on the buy/sell button to place orders with your broker. Refer to the link to learn how to create a basket in Streak - Technicals - Streak Help