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@Streak @Krishnendu .Thanks for the features you provided . I was able to replicate one of the strategy in streak which earlier i did manually used to do by going through the basket of stocks and by the time i punched the orders price went way beyond.Now I am able to complete the transaction much faster and ending in some profits at EOD.


Did check it but I also want something where scanner of technical are already built-in like flag and pole or cup n handle patterns. What I found was only MACD or crossovers that’s very basic ones and also which you find in chartink also.

Can anyone who has used streak tell his experience

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Is there a way i can time the trades ?
can i add a strategy that works at 10:30 am every day ?

Not sure at streak. But you can do this at using their candle function - by specifying which candle of the day you want to take positions along with other conditions if you got.

So I tried creating a strategy by timing the market, Streak instead has this feature where by they allow us to mention the no. of candle

For example : I wanted to take a trade at 10:30 on the 15 min chart, so under entry conditions, after adding your strategy, I had to choose the option Nth and add 6
to take a trade at 10:30 am

Reason : In 15 min charts, the 6th candle will be at 10:30 am.

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If you want to save more time in punching order, you can refer this post.


Hi,Can i backtest and deploy a hourly breakout strategy of any stock using streak?

@Tarun_kumar_Reddy Certainly!

You send the details of your requirement to [email protected] and the team shall help you out.

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Hello @Streak team, why CO order type is not available. while BO is available but it is blocked. without placing simultaneous order, intraday is a dangerous game, isn’t it. Is there any work around? CO is anyway preferred over BO due to multiple order and brokerage.

Hi @Pk308
For every regular MIS deployments, Streak sends an SLM notification immediately after your entry order is executed and a position gets opened. As soon as the SLM is triggered, your position is exited. This is exactly what CO does.

Thanks for clarification. Further, request to implement similar workaround for BO philosophy with single order concept. I mean as soon entry position is executed fully one stoploss order and one target order should be created and triggering of either should cancel the other. @Streak

BO helps with required margin and order management. BO is already available. Currently it is blocked due to market volatility. Once it is allowed, you can deploy strategies with bracket orders.

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One more clarification plz - what is the workaround to exit from all trades executed through @Streak at 3:15 /3:16 pm to avoid going into RMS square off after 3:20. This will save from unnecessary Call and trade charges and few other risks associated.

You can exit your position at 3:15 by manually stopping all deployed strategies at 3:15 PM.

Alternatively, you can use the this method [How to exit a strategy on the basis of time?]

Thanks for replying. Btw it seems I have found one, will deploy and see the results tomorrow.

Please check the revision.

In case your workaround does not work. You can use this.

Thanks. Similar method I had found and it is working except for 3.15 PM case where it is going for square off (after 3.20 pm by admin) in place of exit at 3.15 pm. I think there is a need to change in coding/logic of square off any MIS trade. Earlier Zerodha had policy of squaring trade at 3.15 PM which has been changed now to 3.20 PM however in steak, the old timing of is in effect as every MIS trade are being squared off at 3.15 pm. Request to look into this.

Are you referring to square off timing in a backtest?

Yes. When I set nth candle in such a way that my exit trade executes at 3.15 pm then it doesn’t executes at 3.15 pm or afterwards but goes for admin square off at 3.20pm. if I set exit timing till 3.10 pm it executes exactly.