Streak for long term opportunities?


Is Streak platform only for short term bets or can it be used for medium-term or long-term bets on stocks?

If yes, has anyone tried it for medium/long term bets? Can you please share your strategies and success stories :slight_smile:



Streak supports most strategies, long or short, but condition framing is limited to daily candlestick values.


It doesnโ€™t make a lot of sense to create an algo for weekly or monthly candles. Enough Data is not available for validation if you use monthly and weekly charts and algos are generally more helpful when you need Quick response from the system to make early entry into the trade and minimize the time it would take for you to analyze a large bunch of stocks, again which would allow you to make quick entries into trades which could result in better profit making for a trader who already has a lot of variables to consider. Streak does a good job over here.


Why would anyone who has a good strategy, want to post it on a public forum? Success stories, of-course I can share! PM me! We can discuss how to use the platform to our advantage !!