Streak giving wrong results?

Anyone else facing the problem of streak executing sell orders first than buy when executing a buy strategy? I ran it on multiple dynamic contracts and seeing this as an issue. Wrote a mail to support but wanted to know if anyone else is facing the same

For the case of dynamic contracts when selecting the contracts if you chose short it would execute a short strategy and if you chose long it would execute a long strategy respectively if you code a buy/sell strategy.
Can you please elaborate it a little @Streak

Thanks Chetan. Figured this one out now

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Hi @Sreeraj_Sreekumar

@Chetan_Nahata thank you for your input, you are correct. When creating strategies using Dynamic contract (DYC) the Order Type parameter (i.e Long/Short) inside the DYC supersedes the position type of Buy/Sell.

Hope the confusion is cleared now. If you want any further information, you can refer to this link - Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile: