Streak Marketwatch CSV file upload


I tried to upload a list of stocks in .CSV format at Streak Marketwatch. It is showing upload is successful, however, the outcome is only a single ‘unnamed’ entry.

What is the proper format of CSV file content to successfully upload stock list?

I tried the following three:

  1. Just a single column with stock names in cells
  2. Two columns. First one with cell content NSE. Second column with stock names.
  3. Single column with cell contents as “NSE:STOCKNAME”

None has worked. Please help.


hello @Morpheus101

You can use the Import feature to add all the stocks directly from the CSV file with just a few clicks.

The import file must be in CSV format to successfully upload the file. The file should have two columns, the first one as ‘Exchange’ and the second as ‘Symbol’, refer to the image below.


You can also access an example of the Nifty 50 list from the link here Nifty 50 – Google Drive

To learn more about importing baskets refer to the link below:

Hope this helps


I tried the same again as you have mentioned, but the result is like the same as I have mentioned in my original post.

Please look at the attached screenshot. It imported just one entry which is named ‘undefined’. Please find below a screenshot of my .csv file.


(The entry ABB was added manually)


hello @Morpheus101

Do note that I have created a CSV file consisting of stocks matching your list, you can download the same and upload it.

It could be that the file type may be incorrect (should be .CSV only)

You can also drop a mail on [email protected], with the file that you used and the broker id, the team will check and assist you effectively.

CSV File -

Hope this helps