Streak Missing Features

Hi Streak Team,

Thanks for creating Algo platform without need of coding.

However i feel following basic things are missing to make this complete

  1. Many popular indicators like Stochastic, VWAP, Ichimoku clouds, Pivot points and volume based indicators.
  2. It is not mentioned in your tutorials about how to use volume and on balance volume indicator which are key for Price action traders.
  3. Also give ability to select stop loss or profit based on points along with percentage. E.g. 5 points SL and 10 points targets.
  4. The most important feature which is missing is notification of triggers in Kite app/web instead of streak.
  5. Options trading is not possible .

Hope you are already aware about these points and working on it.

Thanks in advance.



Hello rsp99

Thanks for your suggestions.

We are in the process of adding indicators, by 1 April 2018 you would have these indicators.
We are also making videos on how to use the indicators, will update soon
Exist based on strategy is available along with SL and TP percentage .
Notification : This will be available from 1 April 2018. Also we will release notification APP in the 1st week of March
Options will not be available on Streak because of time decay and expiration issues.
We are in the process of continuously improving our platform for better trading experience. Thank you for the feedback

Few more issue I found are -

  • No matter what logic we write orders are getting executed at 9:15 in morning and sold off next day 9:15. MIS and NRML both cases.
  • I can’t create a condition like close is lower then last three days close. no capability to provide time frame for high, low, close, open etc.
  • No option of creating a sub filter.

Hi ,
1.You must be using the day candle thats why its getting executed at 9.15 . Its as plotting day chart in Kite.
2. Offset will be available on the platform from 1 April 18
3. Subfilter will be available at a later stage

Where is this Algo feature in Zerodha ?
I think I am missing this

pls check

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Do you mean currently I can’t test BTST or positional trading using algo?

You can do BTST by using CNC while running backtest. Do check out the help section on Streak. A detailed methodology is given on how the platform works. Do write to support[@] for further questions

There is no customized option for Candle interval since different people use different time interval. The most commonly used time interval of 2 mins is also not available. Please help to add 2 mins time interval or customized time interval option. Thanks in advance.


Candle interval customisation is work in progress, should be available in couple of months.

Also I find it very strange that your algo trading doesn’t have any settings option where we can go & choose our options once so that we don’t have to modify every time when we create algo, run backtest or deploy .

One critical example is date selection for running back test. By default it select one month date range. We don’t have option to select date range so we have to create algo, run backtest, then change the date range in the result page of backtest & then again we have to run the back test. So here we are unnecessarily wasting one back test(you have limitation in no. of back tests per day) and also we waste our time which is frustrating. Please help to look into this. Thanks.

Date range depends on the candle intervals you choose eg: if you choose day candle then the backtest runs on day candle for 5 years, if you choose hourly candle then it runs for the last one year on an hourly candle and for the rest of the candles we run backtest for the last 1 month . Running backtest on a 1 min candle basically means checking approx 8000 candles for the signals.

My question is why you decide for us & not giving the option to customer to select. We know what we want more than you. But in your case you are forcing us to do what you have. I am thinking of taking subscription but you need to do small changes here & there before i decide on it since there is no customization option at all.

Why I need to run day candle for 5 years when I want to check the signals only for 1 year. I want to run 3 mins candle only for intraday but you run for 1 month which we may not need. Why cant you leave that option to customer which can solve the issue. What is holding you from doing that?

Customising Backtest period ( time chart ): this feature will be released in April 18 which saves your preference.

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This flexibility is the need of an hour in this competitive world to get success. This is win win for all. Thanks a lot.

I was back testing using one day candle based on candlestick pattern. The signals are generated in the next morning at 9:15 am instead of same day on which the pattern is formed. Is there any possibility to generate a signal at around 3:15 pm (or any time suitable to the trader) using day candles.

Signals are only generated after the candle is closed be it 1 min, 3 min or day candles and price is taken as open of the next candle

How to apply moving average on volume over a period of time as an indicator?

Hello Streak., As you promised above that on April 1, there will be some upgrades on Streak Platform with respect to Few more Technical Indicators. We are still awaiting.