Streak Missing Features


@Pragathi, yes, so if in PC if you keep the browser tab with Streak open it will make a sound for every notification, and if the tab is closed you will get browser notification. Also you will get sound in the mobile application.



I am interested to see few things in Streak
(1) Provision to add multiple instruments at one shot
(2) Options trading
(3) Volume indicators
(4) Ichimoku indicators
(5) Provision to reverse copy an algo
(example the entry and exit conditions should be reversed from BUY algo to a SELL/SHORT algo)



For those of us using candlesticks, i would really appreciate, if you put in features which could add/subtract values.

For example,
If i need a thicker body of the candlestick, i could use :
Close - open > high-close + open-low

Is such a thing possible?


you can do this in Kuants backtesting .
(close - open) > ((high - close ) + (open - low))


How do i input entry and exit conditions? I can only see long strategy, or is that accessible only with subscription?

What is the subscription cost, if so?


No its all available. You can explore the settings option(gear icon) on top right section as soon as you login. Feel free to text me on whatsapp at 9002307151. I’ll schedule up a demo for you.


If you wanted to do such a thing which looks complicated enough for guys like us, I would have simply used Zerodha Pi script, which btw is also free!


@Streak - an addtional feature of “ignore” or “pass” the action call & letting the algo continue as it would in a backtest scenario.
this would ensure that the algo continues performing (not stopping, once “ignore” or “pass” is opted) in real time even if no actiual action is taken by the user.
The user may wish to take action directly on Kite or any trading platform they use; or not take any action altogether but to only check the efficay of the algo in real time.
Shal appreciate your consideration to adding this provision as it would surely add great value to the whole purpose of Streak by assisting users in real time irrespective of if action is take or not.




Thank you for the inputs.

We are already working on a feature that will keep tracking even if you have chosen to ignore the notification.

It will be released by Feb end.



Dear sir,

Regarding delayed notification alert

I had deployed seperate algos for 7-8 stocks. I got alerts all together after 10 amthat too all were delayed and those events had already surpassed. Why it hapoened. Ii wrote about this to support by email. Till date no reply



Hi Venkat,

We had responded to your mail on March 8th. Please respond to the mail so that we can take this further.