Streak Missing Features


@Pragathi, yes, so if in PC if you keep the browser tab with Streak open it will make a sound for every notification, and if the tab is closed you will get browser notification. Also you will get sound in the mobile application.



I am interested to see few things in Streak
(1) Provision to add multiple instruments at one shot
(2) Options trading
(3) Volume indicators
(4) Ichimoku indicators
(5) Provision to reverse copy an algo
(example the entry and exit conditions should be reversed from BUY algo to a SELL/SHORT algo)



For those of us using candlesticks, i would really appreciate, if you put in features which could add/subtract values.

For example,
If i need a thicker body of the candlestick, i could use :
Close - open > high-close + open-low

Is such a thing possible?