Streak moving averages


Can anyone tell me how to create a strategy that gives buy signal when price is higher than or crosses above 5 EMA, provided 5EMA> 20 EMA.

Please help.

Hi @Superb,

You can use the following condition for this

Hi Krishnendu,

Thanks for your reply. I am using same condition, here is the screenshot:

But for Jindalsteel on 9th April on 1 min candle, I should get first signal at 9:22 (starting time for strategy is 9:15) but instead I am getting it @9:34

I don’t understand why.

Hi @Superb,

You need to use AND and not OR for both the statements. In case you are not able to understand the transaction details, you need to write a mail to the support team. Please write a mail to [email protected]