Streak option strategy creation

Dear streak team, I need help in creating this strategy
I want to buy a call option when the days first two 5 min candle is green
Entry condition Enter in call option when second candles 5 min candles high got broken and exit when same happens

I am attaching the screenshot for better understanding
Entry time frame use 1 min
Target -30 points
Stoploss -15 point
The exit condition is the reverse of the entry condition

@Streak please help

Hi @Taniyasingh

I have created your CE buy strategy as per your requirement. Click on the following link to view the strategy conditions - Streak | World's first algo trading platform without coding

Please note that entry will be triggered only after a 1-minute candle closes above the high of the 2nd 5-min candle of the day and not on an LTP basis. This is because Streak uses OHLC data to calculate the indicator values and this data is only available after a candle closes. Due to this, entry/exit triggers are generated after the closing of the candle.

Refer to the following link to learn about the Nth candle function - Indicators - Streak Help

Hope this helps.