Streak Scanner query syntax

Hi ,

I am new to stock market trading and as well as streak scanner.
I am trying to write a query for identifying Virgin CPR and below is a query I have created.
(for the sake of the query I am approximating it as below)

low(0) higher than (high(0) + close(0) + low(0)) /3
high(0) lower than (high(0)+close(0)+low(0)) / 3


I am expecting to see Bajaj Finance in the result. But I do not see it.
What am I missing in the query ? (I also substituted 0 in the query with -1)

Probably I am missing something very basic.

Any help would be appreciated.

@Streak can you.

Hi , Sorry … I made a mistake in the above query, I realized it only after I posted the query.
It should have been something like this.

low(0) higher than (high(-1) + close(-1) + low(-1)) /3
high(0) lower than (high(-1)+close(-1)+low(-1)) / 3

and that is giving expected results.

Hi ,
I have a follow up question on this.
The current query is executed on a Daily candle.
low(0) higher than (high(-1) + close(-1) + low(-1)) /3
high(0) lower than (high(-1)+close(-1)+low(-1)) / 3

How can I execute the same query or similar query for the previous 20 days.

If you want to check results on Historical data, you can run a backtest. Scanner only shows results based on current data currently.

In the future, we will enable historical scan results as well.

Hello ,

I just started looking into Streak Strategy . I wanted to implement a strategy with virgin CPR and MACD strategy as combination.

On the Streak Strategy edit page I am not able to add a condition check like below, I was able to create this in scanner.

low(0) higher than max(((close(-1)*0.67)+(high(-1)+low(-1))*0.167,((high(-1)+low(-1))/2))
high(0) lowerthan min(((close(-1)*0.67)+(high(-1)+low(-1)*0.167),((high(-1)+low(-1))/2))

So on the whole I want to create a strategy where MACD based condition is implemented in combination with Virgin CPR . How to do it?

In the same manner, you just need to add the MACD criteria with the existing CPR condition.

Let’s say,

Statement A = low(0) higher than max(((close(-1)*0.67)+(high(-1)+low(-1))*0.167,((high(-1)+low(-1))/2))
Statement B = high(0) lowerthan min(((close(-1)*0.67)+(high(-1)+low(-1)*0.167),((high(-1)+low(-1))/2))

You want to have a Long MACD condition (example) with Statement A

Statement X = MACD higher than MACD signal
Statement Y = MACD lower than MACD Signal

You need to create the condition like
A and X or B and Y