Streak scanner - scanner query!

so today i saw the webinar conducted by Streak. Can you please help me understand what this condition means and how this logic is working ?? @Streak please help !!!1

in this scan the logic behind that we want rising RSI. That is why we are subtracting the RSI with previous RSI But we are doing in the previous 5 candles.

Hope this work for you.

Correct @Heikinashi !

Here we are checking the difference between the current candle RSI ie. RSI(14,0) with the previous candle RSI ie. RSI (14,-1), and also checking whether the difference is positive or not ie. >0
If there is a positive difference, it means that RSI has increased.

We are also using Period Min to check for 5 periods and ensure that the minimum difference is also positive.

The above scan will give a result with scrips having rising RSI.

thank you… if i buy directly from scanner i can use bo order ? and will that be visible in my kite order book ??

yes, you can!

Thank You for helping out. Can You please make explain more about math functions ?

Hi @Mr.j, you can learn more about math function by watching the webinars mentioned below.

In case of any further queries, please write to the Streak support team.

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