Streak strategy related question,pls help

I want to make a strategy that compares the current price of the stock to the opening price in 1minute candle,and take a buy decission if current price is greater than opening price (specific percentage)in the one minute candle and then leave after target price or end of the minute candle.
Can this strategy be made in streak?
Help will be appreciated.


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Hi @A99c,

You will not be able to implement this strategy in Streak currently since math operators have not yet been added in Streak create. Also Streak create, does not consider LTP for sending triggers.

Math operators have already been added to Streak scanner and it will be added to the create page soon.

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Thanx for the help,will the consideration of LTP be added in the near future,like does the team at streak have any plans for implementing it?

For notification based on LTP, you can use Streak scanner which already uses LTP price to check conditions. Please write a mail to [email protected] for any further clarification.

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