Streak Understanding

Hi, How can i do this?

I have Basket order.
15000ce -sold- 1qty at 100rs
15100ce -bought- 1qty at 50rs

Now , i want to square up 15000ce at 50rs and 15100ce when 15000ce gets executed how can i do this?

@Streak can you.

P/L is currently tracked per instrument so when you are exiting 15000CE, you can stop and exit the 15100CE by click on the stop strategy button.

Combined p/L would be introduced soon after which you will get a notification to exit both the legs. Currently you have to exit it manually when you are exiting the other leg

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Is the backtesting of options also free for zerodha users in streak? @Streak

Hi @suri

The Streak scanner ( only allows you to create scanners and find stocks, Futures, and index options as per your requirement. To backtest any condition, you need to use the platform.

Please note that the “” and the “” are two separate platforms.

Hope this clarifies.

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