Strike Price vs. Price Change


Generally, whoever is dealing in options, they know that volatality differs for every strike price. However, more or less, strike prices which are in sequence [ex: 10000, 10050, 10100, etc.] display either an incremental or decremental price change based on the volatality they are experiencing at that point of time. [This is what I observed so far; please correct me if I am wrong!]

However, yesterday [Friday 6/7/2018] I observed a different price change sequence. While trading Nifty [Index], I observed that Nifty Jul 9700 option price change is very low compared with its peers. Similarly, NIfty Aug 10200 option price change is minimal compared with its peers. I observed these price movements when the market is falling fast and all other options’ price changes are happening so quickly.

Can you please enlighten me why it is so? And how we can take advantage of the minimal price change options?

Thanks in advance.

More over option price changes according change behaviour of underlying future price but if already reached at their intrinsic values and steeped open interest they will become illiquid with high bid ask spread.
The odd strikes such like 10050 , 10150 generally illiquid quotes with high spreads.
Finally you note a point that any arbitration opportunity find in market so many big players take an advantage for a small profit.
Some times illiquid quotes not refreshed in normal terminals.

But I am seeing liquidity even today. You can check NSE option chain page if you want to verify.