Strikes of Multiple of 50 in Nifty Less Liquid

Why are Options not as liquid when the strikes are of odd multiples of 50 less liquid than the strikes of 100. Any specific Statistical reasons or just that people feel comfortable at multiples of 100.

Can be statistical thing or more to do with traders psychology, or maybe both.

@Sensibull can you shed more light on this?

Bumping up ?

Assets that are easily divisible by 100 are more liquid because they can be traded in standard units on financial markets. Assets that don’t neatly divide by 100 might be less liquid because they may not align with the standard trading units or contract sizes.

For example, in many financial markets, the standard trading size for stocks or options is 100 shares or contracts. If you have an odd number like 19250, it’s not a standard trading size, which could make it less liquid because it might be harder to find a buyer or seller at the desired price.