STT chargeable on Intraday Trade made using CNC?

Hi, I mostly enter trades using CNC but sometimes I get my target price on the same day. I then exit making it an Intraday trade (instead of the intended Delivery trade).

My question is, how will I be charged STT on my trade? Will it be treated as an Intraday trade for STT purposes? Or as a delivery trade because I entered using CNC on Zerodha?

Also, how would Zerodha charge their brokerage on this trade?



All trades that are squared off on the same day are considered as intraday trades. It is only at 3.20pm(intraday cut-off time) that the product type of order will make a difference. All open MIS positions will be squared off by the Admin terminal at 3.20pm whereas open CNC positions will pass this cut-off time and be ready to be taken into delivery.

You can also square off you CNC positions between 3.20pm and 3.30pm. This will still be considered as an intraday trade.

For all positions that are squared off on the same day, the STT charges will be applicable as per the charge sheet of Equity Intraday. The STT for equity intraday is 0.025% on the sell side. This is the charge list.

The brokerage on intraday trades will be Rs.20 or 0.01%, whichever is lower. If you transaction value for an executed order is Rs.2 lacs and above, then the brokerage will a flat Rs.20. If the transaction value is less than Rs.2 lacs, then the brokerage will be 0.01% of the value.