Successful trader

How I become a successful trader

As per my experience I will suggest some tips to you

  • First convince your family that it is not gambling and it is a serious business

  • You must have other source of income to run your family because you don’t know how much time it takes

  • Study some of the strategies freely available on internet

  • Make yourself a strategy which returns more when you are correct than you are wrong

  • Incorporate discipline to follow that strategy

  • Aim for reasonable returns not for high returns ( Initially on average try to earn 5 %/month

That’s it.


सुद्ध भासांतर:
“मै सफल ट्रेडर कैसे बनता हूँ |”

अरे भाई, ये हमें कैसे पता ? आप सफल ट्रेडर बनते हो तो आप ही बताइये नां!!


this is the answer 95 percent of traders are after…

my two cents, just remain desciplined and stick to your rules… this will take you far in trading… and yes, never stop learning…

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The only way is to gain knowledge about the stock market and trade.