Suggest some good tips to stay patient and relaxed during and after trading hours?

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Hope this wil be helpful

Watch Arnab Goswami during night . . .then, watch Sudharshan Sukhani next morning . . .

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I will tell you what I do during trading hours

  • Whenever I have a position, and nothing much happens in the equity/index that I have, then I read newspaper on my desk, visit certain websites of my interest (eg. Formula1, Programming, Spiritual websites etc.) (of course the trading terminal is on in front of me)
  • Listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Bhimsen Joshi, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton etc.

After trading hours:

  • Eat, rest for sometime, take my doggie for a stroll, play squash/tennis etc.
  • Late evenings - Prayers, dinner, read a book/novel of my interest, watch TV (market news/happenings American Markets), watch some good movie if played on HBO,Zee Studio, Star Movies etc.
  • Next morning - Yoga, Pranaayam, Prayers, breakfast along with TV (market news, current affairs, SGX Nifty, HangSeng, pre market opening etc)

This channel changed my trading psycology. I think it might help you.

Probably you can watch some good movies related to Financial markets. See the below list:

LOL u r funny

I’d rather watch YouTube or a quality tv show…