Suggestion : Zerodha is always Innovative & i have a small idea to share @ Nithin

Now a Days almost all the Banks are Happy to Issue Credit cards against Fixed deposits as Security.

We all know that zerodha also gives some margin to trade by holding stocks as security (collateral )

The idea is to Get credit cards from Banks keeping Zerodha shares as collateral …

Unique advantage : As the credit card will be issues as a Secured Type… it doesnot affect cibil score negatively when compared to unsecured ones…

One more advantage : 100% approval for the credit card application

Imp Advice : credit cards should be used responsibly … it can hurt your wealth if not used responsibly .

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Hmm… very interesting idea. We just got our NBFC license, I am putting this on my list of things to check with regulators. Thanks :slight_smile: