Suggestions for Console P&L page

  1. Ability to view breakdown of “Other credits & debits” can bring better transparency. The solution right now(by downloading the report) has slight friction in my opinion.

  2. It makes sense to have a negative sign for “Charges” as per convention followed in other figures in the screenshot.

  1. Under “Segment”, I prefer to choose multiple ones at a time (if not all).

  2. Under “Date range”, I wish to have “last 1 year” too.


  1. I prefer to have “Charges” sortable.

  1. Hovering the mouse over each charge can popup (or an (i) that links to) what that charge means and how it is calculated.

@Nakul @TheGouda can we check.

Thanks for your feedback @Augustine_Charly. We already have these points in our list of things to do and will be making these changes in the coming updates to Console. However, point 3 is not something we are looking to do right now because each segment’s P&L is different and depends on different source files. We’ll explore combining them in the P&L and tradebook at a later stage.

can we re-consider option of combining (selection ) of multiple segments in P&L as well as Tradebook

On the sidenote this is bit confusing that Gold bonds (SGB) are listed under Equity segment in P&L and under Equity ( External Trades)

I would think

  1. from Customer point of view buying SGB on console not external trade and
  2. it would make the UI more consistent if you show SGB under same segment i,e. either equity or Equity ( External Trades) everywhere.

@Nakul @siva in your pledging list

ICICIFMCG INF109KC1R48 is showing haircut of 12.5% but in console is showing 53.5% can you please check


This should be showing 12.5% now on Console as well.
The VAR (haircut) can change every day for certain stocks and MF. You’ll get the collateral margin as per the latest VAR margin.