Suggestions to Zerodha

As much as I love zerodha for its ease of use and various tech innovations, I feel that simple basic improvements which are long overdue should be addressed urgently :

  1. Relationships: Retail customers are not just satisfied with an efficient traditional customer care which only deal with the customers problems. They also need help In making decisions for trade and investment. So a dedicated advisory service will be a warm handshake to every customer.
  2. Funds: Just like it takes seconds to transfer funds from retailers bank account to trading account so also withdrawals should happen at the same speed and efficiency. At least on the same day like some brokerage firms. Retail customers sometimes need money urgently.
  3. Margins: Intraday margins ought to reduce. But some effort should be made to offer margins on equity delivery with a basic interest rate. At least 3x with a time limit of 3 months.

Not possible in current way, will we are thinking on these lines but need to come out with some concrete solution. Also our plan is only for investing, not for trading.

Working on this.

Only possible with margin funding, will take sometime.

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