Suven pharma listing in Kite

Looking for some help

From this article I see Suven Pharma is now listed after demerger from Suven Life:

But Kite doesn’t report any holding. Does anyone know when/how this is supposed to happen ? Is there any action needed to be taken by investor?

@Nakul Can you.

@siva @nakul I got email from CDSL that SBI Cards shares have been credited to my Demat but aren’t showing in Holding’s, until when will I see them in Holding’s?

You’ll be able to see the holdings from Monday, 16/03/2020 which is the listing date.

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Kite is displaying the holdings of Suven Pharma. The company had fixed 22nd January 2020 as the record date to determine the shareholders who were eligible to get the shares of Suven Pharma at the ratio 1:1. Do go through this notification for more. Also, please check your account to verify if you were an eligible shareholder holding the shares of Suven Life Sciences as on 22nd January 2020.