Swing trading using Options?

I lost 1.5 lakhs doing day trading and decided to concentrate only on swing trading using daily chart. Currently i have Rs.5000 in my trading account and i am not going to increase my capital any further. With this money i can buy OTM call/put option (only buying not selling).

My question is, is it wise decision to do swing trading using options? I mean when i am sure that market moves in certain direction (using technical and fundamental analysis), can i buy OMT call or put option and hold it for some days ? I know about time decay, i won’t be buying during expiry week. What are the disadvantages of buying options for swing trading?

Thank you

Bhai, if 5K is ur last capital to lose, u better trade on buy side in equity/cash market, no margin trading. As brokerage is free in zerodha, u can opt fr 200-400Rs profit fr one trade. Over period of several months it might get double. By tht time ur trading experience/knowledge wud hv quadrupled.:smiley:

I am a swing trader. Futures are better for swing not options. Options price is greatly affected by volatility. In swing u r essentially trying to catch the market turns which is tricky. So need to raise capital or settle for cash market.

What strategy you are following with futures for swing trading.please eleborate

Till you get capital above 5 lakhs forget options.
Options are good for shorting.

Stick to equities till you get back what you lost.

Options not suitable for swing trading.

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Trade bank nifty weekly options intraday.i think u wont be able to buy positional options using 5k.if you have good technical skills then dont worry,u can recover your loss within 2 months by just earning 10% per day.

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if u r asking me.
I follow price action and volume and market view.
On candle I see higher high than previous day or two for long. lower lows for short. Future premium also tend to be higher at market at top and lower at bottom (contrarian)

Rule no 1 - Nobody knows what the market would do. Its just noise.

@TraderVenk, @Gurly7 @rahulkhanna @alphaT @trader_dude @sekhar916 @Newbie420 @saurav106 @abhi9392 Am a newbie, couldn’t understand “higher high than previous day or two for long”. Could you please elaborate a little? Also what is the Time frame using?
Thanks for any replies.