Swing Trading vs Mutual Funds?

I have been investing in Mutual funds for last 1.5 years. It is intended as my primary saving instrument in which i invest my lion’s share of monthly savings.
I have tried trading side by side and i have settled on to a Swing trading strategy. It is giving me 3-5% monthly returns.
Now, I am thinking if i should divert all my future MF SIP money to my swing trading account or not? Technically both are getting invested in equity. And in case of swing, i am personally managing it too.
Is there something that i am missing or overlooking here?

Core portfolio should be MFs/SIP, say 90% of the funds. You could experiment anything with the rest 10%.

Positional trading any given day. If you can remove bandwidth of 10 hrs/week.

Wouldn’t diversifying be better? Some SIPs in MFs/ETFs and the rest to trade? Wouldn’t long term investing into MFs add some tax benefits while you trade with the rest of the capital?