Switching to eNPS from SBI


I recently opened a NPS Tier I account through SBI netbanking. It required quite a lot charges for account opening, and I later found out that every contribution will bear some charges.

Based on online information, the charges are NIL for eNPS. Is there any option to switch to eNPS? Or, once opened with SBI, is that permanent?

I tried to search about it, and a lot of sites suggest that there should be a “Shift to eNPS” option after logging in to NSDL CRA, but I don’t see any such option anywhere. Any suggestions?


If you use SBI to make contribution to NPS, the charges for each 10,000, my account was debited with 10,030. Once I did 20,000 and charges was 59.

I later found out that you can do contribution from eNPS website. Try this option. Go to eNPS, log in and click on contribution and take it forward. This way the charges is marginal.

Disclaimer: Do a sample transaction and check please.


I found this, and my understanding was even if I contribute through eNPS, there will still be some charges for my POP (in this case SBI) per transaction and annually.


But thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try a small transaction to test it out.


This is the note from eNPS portal:

POP Trail Commission will be applicable on the contribution amount @ 0.10% (subject to minimum of ₹ 10 and maximum of ₹ 10,000 per transaction). This charge will not be applicable for subscribers registered in eNPS through Aadhaar.

So, by investing from this instead of SBI directly, charge rate reduces from 0.25% to 0.10%, but still positive. So, if someone know whether it’d be possible to switch, that’d be great.

Hi Yarnabrina,

Did you find the solution? I have opened the NPS account from ICICI net banking. I am also serching way to shift to eNPS. Let me know if you or anyone here have any option for this.


Register for D-Remit feature for your NPS account so you can avoid POP transaction charges and also get same day NAV.

More details:


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I did not find a solution, so at least for the current year, had to bear the transaction charges. Will try @rupeshmandal’s suggestion in next FY.

Could not find any part in the linked site saying about zero POP charges. If you don’t mind, can you please share the screenshot of the highlighted section, or highlight in any other way?