Symbol TARGET PLOT for exit


I have a buy system which plots buy arrow on price close above EMA high of 20

I need to plot a symbol(Circle) for my sell target which would be always the difference between the value of EMA 20 of High (That is the time my buy trade is generated) and EMA 20 of Low

I basically plan to use it as a scalper to generate short term intra day profits

Please guide


///Neotrade Analytics
x = EMA(High,20);
y = EMA(low,20);

Plot(x,"",colorBrightGreen, styleLine, styleThick);
Plot(y,"",colorBrightGreen, styleLine, styleThick);


Buy = (Close > x) AND (Close > y);

sell = x + (x-y);

Plot(Sell,"Sell",colorred,styleDashed   );

PlotShapes(shapeUpArrow*Buy,colorGreen, 0,L,offset=-50);




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