SymbolMapper. Txt file details


Someone please explain me how to use of SymbolMapper.txt and if we have prepared file to use.


Hi Karthik…
Assuming that U have very well Knowledge on AmiBroker Charting Basic,AFL Codind Basic and PiBridge
Download the File From
Install the Exe File as Administrator…Once Installed…
You 'll find a AmiBridge_Help.pdf File in C:\Users\Public\Documents Folder…
Go Through the PDF File…It has Details on How to use…
FoR Example…To Place a Buy Order in Pi

After your BUY Condition, add the Below Code
if (LastValue(Buy))
{Order = CreateObject(“AmiBridge.Pi”);

If are new to AmiBroker…then U have to Learn basics of AmiBroker Charting,
AFL Coding, PiBridge etc before u use SymbolMapper.txt

For Basic Idea what amibroker and Pi Bridge Does…
Please refer the below link…

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