System for Stock Trading

Is it possible to have a trading system such that you can place an order with details such as buy price, target , stoploss and trailing stop-loss and leave it till trigger points are reached. It may seem obvious right away, but my question is not specific to day trading.

Let me explain with an example: I place an order on a stock say ABC for Rs. 10, Target 15, Stoploss 8, trailing stop loss in points 1. Now, with Kite, once I buy, the position is squared off at the end of the day, even if the trigger points are not reached. I dont want it that way. I want to hold it till the trigger points are reached, for days/ weeks as per the stock movement and set triggers. So, instead of setting the details every day is there a possibility to provide the details once and let the system take care based on the given criteria for selling.

Please advise on the possibility.


Nope, all orders are valid only for a day.

Not possible, all orders get cancelled end of day

I know that.The question is not about day-trading. The question is if its possible to have some software solution, which can automatically place order next day and the day after(as required till the trigger is reached), based on the trigger points given at the time of order placement. And if some software solution is readily available, advise on the same is welcome.