Systematic Investment on stocks

Is there a way to set up SIP on particular stocks in order to reap the benefits of rupee cost averaging? Is it possible for Zerodha to add this feature if it isn’t there already?


We currently have SIP options for Mutual Funds only. When it comes to stocks, you can decide the frequency and amount of your SIP but you will have to do it manually. If you are unable to place this order during market hours, then you can place it as an AMO order during non-market hours.

We will keep you posted if we start a feature where you can start an SIP with stocks.

The smallcase guys have come up with a new feature wherein you can create your own custom smallcase.
If you are not aware of what a smallcase is,

A smallcase is a basket of publicly listed stocks that reflects a trending market idea or theme.

What you can do is create your theme with the stocks you want to do your SIP and every month or based on your own frequency you can keep adding stocks with just one click. Check this post for more details.