I’ve T1 holding in my account(Today) and sold the same on T1 but still sold shares are in open positions along with negative balance, so will Zerodha will buy shares for short selling before close of today else share will be compensate from my demat account(which will credit tomorrow).

Hello Trader,

If you have shares in T1 and want to sell it today, you need to use the CNC option when you execute the SELL ORDER.

If you have used the MIS option you need to use the Convert Position under the ADMIN TAB.

When you check your holdings you will find the QTY has been reduced.

The position will show as open as you are seeing now. At the end of day the open position will be closed automatically by the RMS computer.

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Yes thanks for quick answer, at what time position will close till its open

It will show as an open Position on the system till about midnight.

What exactly T1 and T2 stand for?

Actually, i got 300 stocks of chambal fertilizer last week. Day before yesterday i sold 200 shares. Last night i saw about 100 shares on my holding. Today am not able to see those 100 share in holdings whereas i can see other company shares what i have got day before yesterday.