TAHL stock in lockin period

What can i do about TAHL stock? Its locked since several weeks

Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs Ltd is a XT group share with very pathetic volumes . i understand it is at continues LC since October 2018…will be tough to get out in such scrip.

LOL Before putting head inside lion’s mouth we should ensure to use tranquilizer, then why you guys dont use stop loss in such stocks

  1. If you entered for short term, why you didnt put stop loss as it is circuit stock

  2. If you entered for long term, why you didnt check Promoter holding which is just 8% and rest 82% is held by retailers

Most likely this stock is going to doom, it seems like another fraud company, try to keep selling but dont keep much hopes (to be honest)

Also it is classified in GSM : Stage 2 which is another big red flag. I hope you didnt put much amount in this.


What does low promoter share tell about a company & its share price?