Taking decison on futures trading looking at spot market chart? Is this a good strategy?

Is it a good thing (at least not bad), that I base my futures trading on basis of equity spot market charts. I do this because in some futures the volume is low and many times in 1 minute charts there is no transaction, which results in technical indicators giving signals late.

I look at spot market charts and then take a look at futures price and then decide on taking trading decisions.

It has worked so far for me, but will like to know your opinions.

Yes it works well on certain parameters. If the correlation is high between futures and spot market, then chances are that your trades could be successful. It works well for positional trading, Even the Nifty Positional Aalgortihm system i developed is based on such parameter. It has given 18000 Nifty points in last 7 years. Check www.squareoff.in for more details on algorithm