Target missing in kite mobile application

Most of the time kite mobile application even after hitting target does not execute … And I don’t know about COMPUTER version …

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Same issue i faced too … My query is that how can we know where should we place in que during the selling of any stock … It is backend process so why should we suffer ? As during intraday having volatile such kind of mess is not acceptable

On the exchange, orders get executed on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. (Queue system)

This means that if multiple bids are placed at the exact same price, and there is only one offer to counter it, the execution will happen for the person who placed the bid first.

There’s no way of knowing where you’ve been placed in the queue at any particular time because of the vast numbers and volatility where the numbers get added or reduced in the queue in a split second.

Exchanges follow a “price-time priority” principle for both orders and quotes. Whenever an order is placed at any exchange, it’s given a timestamp which is then used to prioritize your orders.


Let suppose e.g . Say : if :
I modify a order keeping the same price , then will my position change in the queue ?

Price is given the first priority. If someone has placed a buy order at Rs.100 and you’ve placed an order after him at Rs 101. Even though you’ve placed an order after him, you’ll be ahead in the queue as you’re willing to buy at a price which is one point higher and this way, your position will be changed in the queue.

Time factor and quantity determines your position in the queue in this case. Order modification won’t make much difference in the order placement if the stock is liquid and volatile.

Suppose . U placed 100 quantity at 200 price at 10.00 am .
Then . I place 100 quantity at 200 price at 10.00.01 am .

Then . If u modify your quantity , then , what will be your position ?
Will u be still before me ?

And what will be the effect in the positions , if u r having disclosed quantity filter ?

In this case, I’ll be placed after you since I have modified my quantity, but the price is unchanged.

Disclosed quantity doesn’t affect the positions in any way.

Are you sure?

Let’s say @ 12.45 there are 30000 offers by 10 sellers and you have placed order of 1 Lakh with 10% disclosed quantity at this price and your order is the first in the queue, then after your 10k quantities are sold, your remaining quantities (90k with 10k disclosed) are sent at the last of the queue, meaning 10k is again placed at the end of queue and only after all the quantities before you are filled, only then your 2nd lot of disclosed quantities are filled. And suppose more orders are piled after your order, before your second installment of 10k gets executed completely then your 3rd installment of 10k order will be placed after all these other orders and the cycle would continue. This is because if you have placed to sell 1L quantity and disclosed quantity is 10% then there would be 10 orders, one after the other in the tune of 10k, placed only after the previous order has been completely executed and only after other orders if they are placed, after your subsequent orders.

If there’s volume and price cross the said limit price, there’s no issue of orders not getting filled but if volume is limited then chances of limit order with disclosed quantities getting filled depend on the no of orders before you in the queue and the no of subsequent orders placed, after your subsequent disclosed orders are placed and so on…

Well correct me if I am wrong. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, you’re right. You can read more about it here
As I said, it doesn’t affect the positions in any way. :slight_smile:

Only 10k quantity will be displayed to the market at a time and after this order is through, another 90k shares will be automatically released until the order is fully executed.