TATA motors or TATA dvr

Dividends and growth both are same but the price is different. As a small investor voting right really doesn’t matter.
Is it worthy to purchase TATA motors dvr shares instead of TATA motors?

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if you plot them on graph they are mostly sync in each other most of the time…so u can choose to buy when one of them is deviating at cheaper cost at any time…but dont expect them to be of same price…at max they will rise and fall in sync.

That’s true. The only difference in LTP may be bcoz of liquidity and that’s too not so significant.
So it is better for small investors to invest in DVR to get same profit by investing less money comparatively ???

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How does it make sense? Assuming both show same % profit, then how does share price being less matter?

It depends how much money you invest, not on the share price of the share

The share price percentage movement between the 2 should be in sync everyday. So I feel you could buy either of the 2, based on your buying potential.

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of course, makes sense… one will get the same amount of dividend by investing less money comparatively.
ref… first comment (comparison between tata motor and tata dvr)