Tata retirement Savings Fund - Tax exemption under 80C?

Is there any tax exemption on Tata Retirement Savings Fund under sec 80 C?

I could only gather the following link which supports this but I want to know for sure if indeed this scheme is granted exemption!

Unlike the other retirment funds that are mentioned in that article,investments in Tata Retirement Savings Fund are not exempt under section 80 C

I was comparing the retirement funds and landed here.

My question is:-
If your existing ELSS, EPF, insurance .etc. have already taken care of Rs 1.5L tax exemptions, would investment in Tata Retirement Fund (doesn’t help you save tax) be a good choice compared to HDFC Retirement Savings Plan (helps you save tax too)?

Basically, you’re not looking for a retirement fund for it’s tax saving capability, as it is already been done with other ELSS investments. You are primarily looking for wealth creation for the sunset years your life.

What do you think?