Tata Steel Right Issues 2018

I am a holder of Tata Steel shares and recipient of right issues that are to be declared later this month. I hold these shares in a demat account where the bank is only a depository.

(1) How can I apply for these right issues online as currently I am overseas? Is there any website/link to do so?

(2) What is the procedure like for payment of these right issues? A detailed overview would be greatly appreciated!


Even i am looking for the same… I have received a form through courier, but no idea how to fill it. Is it possible to do it online?

I am also looking for applying online but didn’t get any clarity yet to do so.

However, while I came across the below Notice on BSE website, it seems there is no online way to apply.

Note from above link:
Trading Members are further requested to note that Rights Renunciation Forms are settled in Physical mode and hence would attract the applicable transaction charges for “Transaction in securities traded and settled in Physical mode” in the Equity Segment. Trading Members are requested to refer the notice no. 20140818-12 dated August 18, 2014 and 20140827-27 dated August 27, 2014 for further details.

@G_S @Ubaid_A There are ways to apply for rights issue online and it is not as popular as IPO application. Last many Rights Issues starting from Sintex, I’m applying online only. Even if you have not received physical CAF form, you can download it online. Here is the link, how to do…
Hope this helps!

This applies only to Part B and C of CAF. But, If you wish to apply through Part A of CAF, you can apply through online. As far as I know, there are Bank of Baroda and Canara Banks offering this online facility. I’ve also given links to the video explaining how to apply online.

But, if you want to apply for renunciation or want to apply as renouncee, then no other go than applying offline. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check this post

Could someone please explain what is right issue and what it’s benefits?
Thanks in advance!!!

I had 75 shares of Tata steel as on record date and I am eligible for applying 12 shares through rights issue. I have registered a bank account with my depository (i.e Zerodha). My issue is that bank is not providing any facility to apply online through ASBA for rights issues. Can I apply for this rights issue through my canara bank account for which I have not registered with my depository. I have doubts whether it is the correct way?

Yes, you can apply with your canara bank account. But you should use your demat account number, in which you have those 75 TataSteel Shares. I’m doing like that only.

When i apply for an ipo I will usually get a message and mail for confirmation of my bid from NSE. But for this Tata steel rights issue I have applied after watching your video on how to apply for rights issue in canara bank (through Asba).

  1. But till now I have not received any message or mail confirming my bid. If you have applied for this issue using canara bank have you got any sms or mail.
  2. How to check / regenerate my bid application?
  3. When the allotments are going to be finalized by the company.

Blockquote Tata Steel Rights issue application form not received