[Tax filing] Do I need to get tax audit?

I am little confused with taxation. There is one clause which says, if you are under taxable limit, have turnaround less than 2cr and have made profit less than 6% and then you need to get audited. This is confusing.

I am a freelancer. My income comes under taxable limit. I have turnaround (Intraday) of Rs 210.50 and loss of 104.50 in the previous financial year. So, turnaround is less than 2cr and have made profit less than 6%. Do I have to get tax audit?

I have paid taxes on my freelance income (TDS) but it sounds crazy to get tax audit in my case. Please correct me if I have interpreted clause incorrectly.

Like to hear it from salaried professionals who also trade in intraday. How do you file your returns? Do I have to use ITR4 in my case? Please elaborate with examples.

talk to a tax consultant,

i can just say you need no audit for this nominal digits.

You can merge all Income while IT return and if you adds up both the income ie trading + Freelancing your profit will be more than 50 Lacs ( Professional Income ) or 2 Crore (business Income ) . Audit wont require if you meet the criterion. File the Return with true earning after clear workings.


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tax audit not needed

So, its like sum total of all the income, even if its salaried income. Add all income, then it should be more than 6% of the turn around. Am I correct ?

Now while filing ITR4, I will keep income from freelance under salary and -104 loss in the speculative business. I haven’t seen ITR4, does it have column for turnaround and profit/loss?

Business & professional Income can be added. You can add freelance and trading. You cant add up Salary, rent , capital Gains etc

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Thanks for providing clarity on the matter. As you can see the amount, turnover is meager. Should I file ITR1 or go for ITR4. Will there be a problem if I file ITR1 this year ?

you can file ITR 4 declaring income including trading than ITR 1