Tax how much to pay tax

if i earn 20 crore from market so how much im liable to pay tax??

You can hire a C.A by paying the fraction of your earning to take care of all this :joy::sunglasses:

Market Taxation is little complicated. Since you have not provided any details in your question, it will be really difficult for one to tell you exact number. You may read this to find the exact answer.

20 crore…

The rule is that for an amount of 20 crore, you will have to pay 44% as tax. Most people would not want to pay that much as tax and that’s why you hear of a lot of tax defaulters who happen to celebrities. You could invest that money in a way that it is not taxable. You could pay off your business loan. There are so many options out there.

Dude… Almost half of your earnings if it’s still in cash. Invest it.
Get an audit done for starters, It’s mandatory and you can get it done for as low as 10k(quicko does it) so you can save some time. It’s only after that you’ll know how much you’re exactly liable to pay in taxes