Tax on Traded Value for CM or FO money or in profit/losses

Your traded value for 11-AUG-23 CM Rs 9371.85 FO Rs 29268
I am a learner and recieved this message every night.
My question is whatever amount we used for trading in Intraday and in Options, do we need to pay tax on profit/losses or this trading amount will be considered as business income?

Hi @pri22

Traded value is basically quantity traded * price for that particular day. Clients receive this message as an alert regarding their transactions for the day. Traded value has nothing to do with taxation.

Taxation for option traders is based on actual profit and loss.

You can check @Quicko for more info on taxation related to trading.

Hello @pri22

From taxation point of view, only the realised gains and losses are considered. The whole amount used for trading has nothing to do with taxes.