taxation (About ITR)

  1. Please anyone suggest me, i am a govt. salaried person & also invest in equity (intraday, short term and f&o). Which ITR should i submit for July 2018 ?
  2. What about audit by CA my turn over is 5 lakh (less then 1 crore) ? I want to carry some of my loss for next tax session.
    Any other importent issue to be remember during filling of ITR ? Can i file ITR myself ?

ITR for FY 2017-18 are yet to be released. If the forms remain same as last year , use ITR 3

Thank you !
Please tell me one more question, if i want to avoid CA audit then can i file ITR 4 ? ( i know in ITR 4 loss can’t carry forward)

To carry forward losses in stocks, it is easy. But if you want to carryforward losses in fno, you would have to get a/c audited. Most of the traders just declare 6% of turn over as profit and file (to avoid Audit).